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  • Mitch Rasche

    Port Coquitlam | BC

    "My wife and I just got back from a successful fishing trip in Nootka Sound and exclusively used only the UV and Green kite tail flasher pulling an anchovy on a 5 foot leader. Seven of our springs were over twenty pounds with the two largest weighing in at 27. As the Kitetail offered no resistance the fish's runs were longer and more exciting, we felt absolutely every head shake and it was easier to keep the line tight when the fish jumped. In fact we were disappointed when the fish was in the net because we always thought it was bigger because of the fantastic fight. To ensure I always have a good supply I just purchased another 3 kitetails."

  • Paul Barnes - Fishing Guide

    Great Sea Adventures | BC

    "I have been exclusively using the new Kitetail flashers since April 2012. I have had great success fishing on the east coast of central Vancouver Island, out of French Creek Marina. It is great having the option of adjustable rotation coupled with full size flasher action, with zero drag once the fish is hooked. I have caught a wide range of fish from, ground fish to spring salmon. April 23, 2012 I was guiding my client from the UK. off of Hornby Island, and landed a 27 pound Chinook, while using the Kitetail flasher. I fully recommend using the kitetail flasher to any angler interested in trying new gear."

  • Mike Kerstetter

    Wenatchee | WA

    "My name is Mike Kerstetter, I am a salmon fishermen from Wenatchee, WA. I just started using the Kitetail flasher. I used it on Lake Chelan for Lake Trout and it worked great. The thing I like best about it, is that there is no drag. I recommend anyone using it. I am going to use it salmon fishing this year and will have lots of pictures."

  • Ron Van Lom

    Hillsboro | OR

    "Well here's my result first time using the Kite Tail. He weighed 38lbs, I caught him at the mouth of the Nehalem river, almost in the ocean...I believe my friend from Oregon just ordered 3 of your flashers. I'm glad I took the chance to try your product."