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Randy Sadler has been fishing most of his life. In fact, you could say that fishing IS his life. Raised in the small town of Tofino, on B.C.'s wild west coast, Randy began commercial fishing with his father when he was 14 years old and purchased his first troller at the age of 19. Today, 27 years later, he continues to support his wife and four sons by chasing salmon and tuna from the top of the Queen Charlottes to the Oregon coast.

Also an avid sports fisherman and an inventor at heart, Randy has never been afraid to try new ideas to improve his success at fishing, whether on the high seas or a quiet lake. Several years ago, he set out to design a lure that would be as effective as a conventional flasher, but would eliminate the unwanted drag and large size. Many prototypes and "practice" fishing trips later, the KITETAIL was born.

Randy's many years of experience, combined with his love and knowledge of both commercial and sport fishing, has resulted in an effective product.This lightweight, adjustable, drag-free lure is versatile for many species of fish. He is excited to pass the Kitetail on to other fishers, so that they too can enjoy its benefits and success!

"For 33 years I have fished for salmon, halibut and trout and have watched fish being dragged behind the boat. Perfecting an alternative to the full sized flasher was my goal."

- Randy Sadler