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Designed & tested by commercial fishermen.

The uniquely designed KITETAIL Flasher imparts the wide rolling action of a full sized, commercial flasher yet is less than one third its size.

Unlike any other product, the KITETAIL Flasher not only imparts great action to the trailing lure but is also completely drag-free when a fish is hooked.

One of its other exciting features is the adjustable rotation. This results in the ultimate bait presentation, enticing the fish to bite.

The KITETAIL Flasher is perfect for targeting salmon and halibut. It has also proven deadly for trout and fresh water game fish.


  • Gary Baker | OR

    "Fished a normal flasher for a while on Monday while trolling for chinook at 80 feet with my downrigger... nothing. Put on your flasher and within 20 minutes I had a nice 12 lb chinook. 30 minutes later another salmon. Got another this last Sunday on your green kitetail trolling whole green label herrin 120 feet with a downrigger They just work! I want a few more for the boat!"

  • Michael Opp | BC

    "I can't believe how well they work and how much feel they provide when you're fighting a fish! There really is no drag and you get to feel every bit, pull and run of the fish on the line. I will definitely be stocking up on Kitetail Flashers so I can continue to hammer salmon this summer!"

  • Jennifer Graham | BC

    "I tried the Kitetail Flasher for the first time this week and I won't be going back to the same old flashers anytime soon. Fish seemed to love the movement of the bait caused by the Kitetail and we couldn't keep them off our line! Great product that I would recommend to anyone wanting to get more fish in the boat."